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Showit Tutorials

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Here’s what you need to do to easily switch from another website platform like Wix, Squarespace, or Wordpress to Showit.

How to switch from another website platform to Showit

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It’s important to optimize your website photos for SEO before uploading anything to your website. Renaming your photos with relevant and descriptive keywords will make your website more searchable, and compressing the image size of your photos will help your website pages load faster. All of this optimizes your performance on search engines. Optimize your […]

How to Optimize your Website Photos for SEO

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I’m breaking down three ways you can add video to your Showit website. First, we’ll talk about adding a video to your canvas background to play on its own or underneath text. Next, we’ll chat about adding video to your mobile site on Showit. We’ll discuss a workaround to the bummer that Showit doesn’t support […]

How to Add Video to your Showit Website

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Wondering what to do before you make your website? Grab a cup of coffee and take a seat in that cozy office chair, friend. You’ve come to the right place. Let’s walk through a scenario for a sec. — Buys website template— Gets really excited and immediately spends hours playing around with it— Realizes they […]

What to do BEFORE You Make Your Website

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Here are six quick and easy ways to polish your website and feel confident as heck sending your potential clients to your website! 1. Portfolio Updates Add or update your recent work that aligns with the kind of work and clientele you’re trying to attract. Each new finished project or client is a new opportunity […]

Six Quick & Easy Ways to Polish Your Website

Two iPhones showing Website for IBE® Stylist Sarah Jupin

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Let’s talk about how to make the perfect button on your Showit website. In Showit, all buttons and links are connected through what we call “Click Actions”. You can apply a click action to nearly anything on your website, but due to the ability to have so much freedom, text buttons can tend to end […]

How to make the perfect button on your Showit website

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Everything you need to do BEFORE making your website

Pre-Website Homework Roadmap for Stylists

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