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Why your last website didn’t work and how to make this one a success

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Wondering why your last website didn’t work? Are you desperate for someone to tell you exactly what to do so that you can feel confident that you’ll do it the right way this time? The way that will lead to more clients, bigger visibility, higher perceived value, stronger brand recognition and qualified leads?

If you’ve had a website that failed to deliver the desired results, it’s probably because you weren’t intentional in the planning phase to set it up for success. I’m committed to helping you not let that happen this time around.

Here’s why your last website didn’t work:

So many times, this is what I see happening to people when they DIY their first website:

— Buys website template
— Gets really excited and immediately spends hours playing around with it
— Realizes they uploaded their images so quickly and none of them are optimized 🤦🏻‍♀️
— Uploads logos
— Oops logos are fuzzy, time to re-export them to look better
— Oh I should probably create an opt in for my website to build my email list spends hours [read: weeks] trying to figure out how to make campaigns & freebies
— Hmm probably should set up a consult form so I can manage my leads coming from my website
— Eek I should probably ask past clients for testimonials to showcase
— I don’t know what to say here, I’ll come back to the copy another day
looks at the mobile version 😧😳😩😭

Andddd a year later… 🦗 🦗 🦗 …still no website

Sound familiar?? I hear this story way too often. Sad, but the truth. It all seems fun until it’s not, right? 🤪 I want to help you set up everything BEFORE you make your website, so that:

  1. You know what to look for in the perfect website template or designer for your unique needs.
  2. Customizing your website is FUN (not exhausting and all-consuming)
  3. You feel confident that you’re doing it the right way: a way that is strategic and will pay off in the long run

How to make your next website a success.

We already chatted about why your last website didn’t work, so let’s discuss how to make your next website a success. Since 2017, I’ve been perfecting my website process with each client I work with. And I’m committed to sharing that process with you. The highly-coveted Pre-Website Homework Roadmap is my 13-step framework for what to do before making your website, so you can feel confident you’re doing it the right way this time. That way, once you have your website in front of you, you’ll be able to confidently and quickly plug everything in, get it launched, and start reaping the benefits.

Here are the 13 things you must do before you make your website:

1. Poll your audience

2. Nail down your brand colors

3. Establish your font suite

4. Schedule & execute your brand photoshoot

5. Gather your reviews in one place

6. Brain dump

7. Prep your email list opt-in (if applicable)

8. Set up your booking system

9. Write your website copy

10. Prep your logo files

11. Get your photos web-ready

12. Secure your domain name

13. Select your web design or designer

If you need a bit of hand-holding and accountability for working through these 13 steps, you might benefit from the Pre-Website Homework Roadmap. Inside the roadmap you’ll have access to the following:

3-Step Guide (PDF)

Comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide, complete with our recommended tools, links and resources.

Workbook (Google Doc)

Take notes and work as you go through each step. Use this completed workbook as your #1 tool as you design your website, or send it to your designer.

Brand Photoshoot Planner (Google Doc)

Editable planner with shot list (+ suggestions), photoshoot & prep, and photographer requests. Send to your photographer & print out to use during your shoot.

Fillable Copywriting Spreadsheets (Google Sheets)

Fillable spreadsheet where you can quickly write the words that will go on each page of your website. Use as you fill in the words on your new website.

Click here to get the Pre-Website Homework Roadmap.

By investing time and effort in the planning and development stages of your new website, you can create an intentional, highly converting, long-lasting and successful online experience for your ideal clients. One that you feel confident sending people to, and that leads to big results.

Free download Free download FREE DOWNLOAD

Your first step to a website you deserve. Download now and let us walk you through the baby steps (yes even the scary techy stuff!).

Pre-Website Homework Checklist for the Beauty Industry

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