I'm your web designer, logo designer and business helper. And I'm also your encourager, cheerleader, supporter, and best of all - friend     .

Since 2017, I've been serving creative business owners just like you in stepping outside of their comfort zones and building an online presence that connects with their ideal clients and grows their business to heights they didn't think were possible.

When I was 10, I begged my dad to show me how to create a website. I didn't have a single reason to have a business, but I HAD to know where websites came from. When I stumbled upon graphic design in college, I fell in love. I fell in love not only with the art of designing strategically online, but also with the vision of how a owning a business in this industry could someday give me a lifestyle I love.

I don't think anything is left to chance. I would guess you're here right now, today, because you are chasing after that dream lifestyle for yourself too. Chasing after that dream of taking your business full-time and truly loving what you do - day in and day out.

I'm here to help you polish your presence online so that you can finally get back to living the life you always imagined.

Caryssa O'Connell

Showit Design Partner

I know first hand that it's not always easy to find all the answers you're looking for when DIY-ing your brand or website. I pop onto Youtube weekly to share how to start designing your website, how to create a mood board, along with a library of tutorials on how to use Showit. Time to remove the stress and make creating your own website a FUN experience!

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Having a pretty website doesn't have to have a pretty price tag. It also doesn't have to take months to create. My line of professionally-designed website templates are 100% customizable and ready to launch within just days. Perfect for photographers and creative business owners, our templates are coding-free, affordable, and easy-to-customize. (Yes, even if you're not super tech-y!)

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I truly believe that your online presence can either work for you or against you. With a truly one-of-a-kind website that speaks to your personality and stands out from the crowd, you can make waves in your business. I've carefully crafted a single, unique web design experience that leave you feeling confident and excited to grow by leaps and bounds in this next season of business.

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When my little package of fruit snacks has more oranges than any other color.

When the waiter brings out my water with a lemon that you can actually squeeze into the glass.

Getting a text update that the package I ordered has been delivered.

Feeling like a real adult when I have an extra bottle of shampoo or package of toilet paper on standby.

Lighting a candle because the house is clean (because who ever lights a candle when the house is dirty?)


to the world


to my son


to my hubby

to my clients


I go by:

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