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Caryssa O'Connell shares five things you need to do before launching your website

Five things you need to do before launching your website

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You are nearing the launch of your website! Taking the time to perform a few key checks can make a huge difference in the success of your website launch. In this blog post, we’ll talk through five things you need to do before launching your website, so you can launch with confidence. From thorough testing to optimizing SEO settings, these steps will ensure a seamless and impactful launch for your online presence.

1. Click through your website on your phone and computer

Before launching your website, it’s important that you do a comprehensive click-through on both your phone and computer. Scroll through each page and feature to ensure everything is looking like it should.

2. Test all forms

Forms play a vital role in capturing leads, receiving inquiries, and engaging with your website visitors. Before launching, thoroughly test all forms on your website, including contact forms, subscription forms, and any other interactive elements. Make sure that the forms submit successfully, you receive the notifications, and that the data is captured accurately. By verifying the functionality of your forms, you can avoid missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with ideal clients.

3. Test all links

To ensure a seamless online experience, test all the links on your website. Click through each link, both internal and external, to double check that they lead to the intended destination. Pay attention to buttons, navigation menus, and any other clickable elements. By text-checking all links, you can prevent broken links and ensure a smooth user journey.

4. Redirect any old links no longer used on your new website

If you’ve had a previous website or have changed your website’s structure, it’s essential to set up proper redirects. This step ensures that visitors who land on old URLs are automatically redirected to the appropriate pages on your new website. By implementing redirects, you maintain valuable SEO rankings, improve user experience, and avoid the frustration of encountering error pages. Take the time to identify and redirect any old links that are no longer in use.

In Showit, redirecting old links is easy! It should be done once your domain is connected.

  1. Click “Site Settings” in the top left corner of your Showit builder.
  2. Next to your “Custom Domain” click “EDIT”
  3. Click the little gear or settings icon on the right side
  4. In the first field, type the ‘slug’ or URL ending that no longer exists on your new website. Then in the second field, type the slug or URL ending of the page you’d like it to send the visitor to instead. Click “Add”.
  5. Once you’ve add all of your redirects, click “Close”


On your old website you had a page called yourwebsite.com/meet-ashley and now that you’ve started your salon and no longer want the website’s “About” page to be all about you, you have switched it to yourwebsite.com/about. In Showit, your About page will be literally called “About”, which will then give you the ‘slug’ or URL ending /about.

5. Add SEO Settings

Before launching, take advantage of SEO settings to enhance your website’s visibility. Customize your page titles & meta descriptions, using relevant keywords to accurately represent your content. Click here for tips on setting up your page SEO settings in Showit. By incorporating SEO settings, you increase the chances of your website ranking higher in search engine results and attracting your target audience.


Launching your website is an exciting milestone. When you complete these five things you need to do before launching your website, you can feel confident that you’ll have a successful launch. By performing a thorough click-through on both mobile and desktop, testing all forms, checking all links, redirecting old links, and optimizing SEO settings, you set the stage for a seamless and impactful online presence. Take the time to address these key areas, and your website launch will be met with enthusiasm, engagement, and positive user experiences.

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