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5 Ways to Build Trust with Your Website Visitors

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1. Professional Headshots of YOU

In order to stand out in such a saturated industry, it’s crucial to highlight your most unique selling proposition which truly is YOU. Professional headshots that are on-brand (key) and representative of your personality take any website to the next level for many reasons:

+ People take you more seriously.

+ They add a layer of trust. Potential clients feel like they know and have met you before even reaching out, making them more comfortable throughout the whole process.

+ A professional headshot makes your website look much more polished than a selfie or poorly lit iPhone shot, and your clients will be able to tell the difference and perceive your business accordingly.

2. Talk Directly to Your Client

In all of your website copy, it’s important that you’re letting your client be the center of attention. When referencing your dream client, using the word “you” catches their attention and makes them more receptive of the message you’re trying to portray. Speak directly to them, as if you were writing them a direct email or text message.

3. Up-to-Date Content

One of the biggest sources for a lack of trust comes from a website that isn’t current. When your website visitors get the feeling your website is out-of-date, it can leave them wondering if you will treat them the same in your process. Some key indicators that your website isn’t up-to-date can come from the following clues:

+ The copyright date at the bottom of your site shows last year – or even worse… 2 or MORE years back.

+ Your contact page still says you’re booking for a date that’s already passed.

+ Your PDF download still says something like “2012 Bridal Package.”

4. SSL

Having your website protected is a must now-a-days. Not only does it make your website visitors feel more secure, but it is now part of Google’s criteria for ranking. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and essentially this protects your website and your client. Without SSL installed, your website’s URL will lead with http:// instead of the secure https://. You also run the risk of a client running across your website and seeing a “not-secure” or “this website might have hackers taking your information”. While in most cases the message itself is scarier than what’s actually happening, it can be a red flag for your visitor to see and turn the other way – AKA leave your site and never come back. You want your clients to be able to trust your website, and for that reason SSL is crucial.

5. Design

Believe it or not, the design of your website has a big impact on the trust of your website visitors. It’s important to keep the design simple, polished, and visually pleasing.

+ Keep the organizational pattern of your site consistent.

+ Stick to a consistent color and font palette – try to keep it to no more than 3 main colors balanced by neutrals like white, tan, gray and black.

+ Make sure your website is easy to navigate and user friendly. Visitors should easily be able to find any portion of your website within no more than 2 clicks.

+ The overall vibe and format of your website should match the type of services or products you offer.

Trust plays a big role in our willingness to make a purchase in our daily lives, and it holds the same effect on your dream clients. Check off these 5 tips to begin serving your ideal clients with a brand they’ll feel confident investing in!


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