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Showit SEO Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

Strong SEO Page Titles & Meta Descriptions for Beauty Industry (Showit)

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a game-changer for businesses looking to increase their online visibility. We’ll break down and help you leverage Showit SEO page titles & meta descriptions to help your salon website rank higher in search results.

Page Title:

To optimize your page title for SEO, it’s crucial to include relevant keywords that accurately describe the content of the page. For service providers in the beauty industry, such as hair salons and stylists, incorporating keywords related to your services, specialties, and location can greatly benefit your SEO efforts. Remember to keep the title concise, compelling, and reflective of the unique value you offer, enticing potential clients to click through and explore your offerings.

On a search results page, the Page Title is what shows up in blue.

How to optimize Showit SEO page titles & meta descriptions


  • Your location
  • Targeted keyword of the page (what will people type into Google to find you?)
  • Topic of the page (ex. “Stylist Team”)


[What you call yourself] in [City, State] | [Business Name]

Certified Invisible Bead Extensions® Stylists & Colorists in Austin, TX | My Salon Name

[City, State] [What you offer] | [Business Name]

Dubuque, Iowa On-Site Bridal Hair & Makeup Team | My Business Name

Careers at / About [Business Name] in [City, State]

Careers at My Salon Name in Brooklyn, NJ

[City, State] [What you call yourself] | [Your Name]

Orlando, Florida Hair Extensions & Color | Caryssa O’Connell

Meta Description:

Your salon’s Showit SEO page titles & meta descriptions go hand in hand. To optimize your meta description for SEO, it’s important to craft a compelling and relevant description that entices users to click through to your website. Incorporate relevant keywords naturally while conveying the benefits and solutions you offer to potential clients. An engaging meta description doesn’t necessarily bump your website up higher in the rankings, but it will increase the likelihood of someone clicking onto your website. Remember to keep the meta description within the recommended character limit of 160 characters.

On a search results page, the Meta Description is what shows up underneath the blue page title.

How to optimize Showit SEO page titles & meta descriptions

Aim to include:

  • Description of the page
  • Targeted keyword(s) of the page (What will people type into Google to find you? The words people search for will show up in bold in the search results.)
  • Enticing language that will encourage people to click
  • Your Location


[Business name] is a [describe what your business is] serving [City, State] specializing in [your specialty].

My Salon Name is a laidback luxury salon serving Seattle, Washington specializing in Lived-in Hair Color.

Contact [Business Name] for [descriptor] [service] experience in [City, State].

Contact My Salon Name for an unforgettable on-site bridal hair and makeup experience in Boston, MA.

Specializing in [your specialty], [owner’s name] with [Business Name] offers [your target audience] in [City, State] a [value of your service] experience.

Specializing in Invisible Bead Extensions®, Natalie with My Salon Name offers blondes in Raleigh, NC a luxury, life-changing hair experience.

Meet the team of [your specialty or certification] stylists at [Business Name] in [City, State].

Meet the team of award winning stylists at My Salon Name in Chicago, Illinois.

[Your services] services at [City, State]’s top [your service] salon, [Business Name].

IBE® hair extensions and customized color services at Kansas City’s top hair extension salon, My Salon Name.

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