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10 Quick & Easy Ways to Refresh your Website Today

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I like to schedule a day in June and December to take a thorough look through my website and make sure everything is in check so that I know for a fact that my website is working in my favor over the coming months.

I’ll be honest, I pop in more frequently than that to make tweaks and updates, but dedicating 2 days out of the year for a comprehensive look has ensured my website is serving my visitors day in and day out.

Here are 10 super easy ways you can quickly refresh your website TODAY!

10 quick and easy ways to refresh your website today!

1. Refresh Photos

I would venture to guess that you have had the same few photos on your website for the last few years. If there are people coming back time after time over an extended period of time, they’re seeing the same photos of you again and again.

Updating your website with a few new branded headshots can really give your website a dramatic, yet super simple facelift in no time! If you don’t have the money to spend on new headshots, maybe all you need to do is switch some of your photos around! That photo on your home page? Maybe swap it with the one on your About page!

Your fans like visual stimulation, and when something gets spiced up on your website, they’ll be excited to see that you’re taking pride in your online presence and that your company is still active!

2. Update your About Page

Recently adopt a puppy? Have another kid this year? No longer living in Dallas? If you’re keeping your social channels up to date with what’s going on in your life, your followers will know you’ve put your website on the back burner.

Did you know your About page is the most visited page of your website? People are looking at it! So super simple, just hop in and make some tweaks to make sure your website accurately represents where you are at in life at this time. Keeping things current helps instill an added layer of trust in your future clients.

3. Take a Click Around

When you first published your website, you dotted your I’s and crossed your T’s while making sure every single little thing worked properly on your website. But how long has it been since you’ve done that?

Take a quick click around your website, hitting every single link and ensuring it navigates you to the correct page. If it doesn’t? Update that link, girl!

The last thing you want is for visitors to hit that back button when they’re starting to fall in love with you, just because the link they clicked on doesn’t take them where they wanted to go.

4. Refresh that Portfolio

I’ll take a guess that with each client you work with, you’re inching closer and closer to your ideal client. This likely means that the portfolio you originally set up on your website doesn’t represent your most recent or favorite projects. You’ve probably gained some more expertise since you started, which is lending to more refined and polished work.

Be sure to update your portfolio with those very best projects that more closely represent the work your ideal client will be drawn to. Only have a few you REALLY like? Only share those few on your portfolio! It’s all about careful curation of the projects that will most likely lead your ideal client to say YES to working with you!

5. Test, Test, Test

You’ve already done the dirty work of clicking through all of your links, but the main thing here is to test your contact form. I mean, let’s be real here – this is how your clients are going to get in touch with you!! So you really need to make sure this is operating correctly.

Once you know your contact form is all set to go, double check those opt-in’s, shop purchases, and any other forms you might have hosted on your website. Make sure the process of signing up from beginning to end makes sense to the user.

6. Check Copyright Date

One of the biggest indicators of an outdated website is that pesky copyright date at the bottom of your website. I’ll be honest, y’all.. this is a serious pet peeve of mine. But good news for you: it is probably the easiest thing to fix! So don’t let that be the reason your potential clients click away!

Pro tip: set a reminder in your phone every December to make this quick and easy change to your website. You’ll thank yourself later!

7. Answer any Frequently Asked Questions

Over the last year, it’s possible you’ve gotten a question or two asked over and over again. My recommendation is to address that frequently asked question strategically on your website. Not only will this enhance the user experience, but it will help you come across as a trusted source in your industry.

A few ways you could do this:

  • Write a blog post about the topic.
  • Dedicate a page of your website to debunking hot topics of your industry.
  • Create a FAQ section that lives on your website. We love seeing this on the services page or the contact page (or both!).
  • Simply add a statement amongst your services page that answers the common question.

8. Review Pricing

So this one might take a wee-bit longer to work through, but you’re making a refresh to your website anyway, so this may be a good time to think about your prices. Ask yourself if you should make any adjustments to the pricing itself, or if you can rearrange your offerings description in a way that better influences your website visitor to take action.

Should you list your packages from most expensive to least? Should you end your prices with .99? Should you highlight the package your want them to choose by making that one stand out with a different color?

These are all things to be thinking about as you take your website a step forward.

9. Scan for Usability

Simply take a step back and look at your website from a newbie’s perspective. Does the flow make sense? Is it visually stimulating? Can I find what I’m looking for in under 2 clicks?

Maybe you could consider the “mom test”. Watch over your mom’s shoulders as she take a stroll through your website. Don’t say a word as she clicks around, but instead just pay attention to both where she gets tripped up and the order of the pages she is drawn to click through.

10. Add some Social Proof

I’m talking about your testimonials here. Social proof that you’ve done work for clients and they had an enjoyable experience with you. Find those areas of your website where your ideal client might feel a little bit of “pre-buyer’s remorse”. Places like your services page or your contact page. These are the key areas to add a client testimonial because it’s exactly where they have the chance to make a purchasing decision!

If doing all of these 10 steps freak you out a little bit, then don’t stress, friend! Take it one by one or choose just 3 you will work on this week to ensure confidence in your website these next few months!

What are your accountability tricks to make sure your website remains current and fresh all year long? Tell me in the comments!


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