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Why Copywriters, Photographers & Web Designers Go Hand in Hand

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I may be biased, but I think that a custom, professional website design is the number one way to attract your ideal clients. Beautiful, consistent and polished design can go a long way, but what is the thing that’s going to hook them and turn them into buying clients?


So what does copy even mean? The copy is all of the words on your website. Your paragraphs, headings, call to actions, and even SEO is wrapped into copy. Words are what sell, so it’s crucial that your copy is strategically written and weaved through your website in a way that leads clients where you want them to go, personally connects directly with that ideal client you’ve been dreaming about, and leads them to hit buy without thinking twice.

I know you’re thinking..

“I can’t even think of what to write on tomorrow’s Instagram post, let along an ENTIRE website. And now you’re telling me that it needs to be strategic and connection worthy?! Forget it..”

Trust me, I get it. So much that this is why we always encourage clients to consider hiring a copywriter to help them through this process.

When working with a professional copywriter who understands your niche, they will get to know you on a level that will make it possible for them to speak your voice through the words they write for you. They’ll ask you the ground level questions, such as “what’s included in your packages,” “why did you start your business?” And so much more.

Then they get to work on the hard part – writing. But the best part of it all from your end? You don’t have to do the hard work of writing strategically! They will have gotten to know you well enough through consultation and questionnaires that you will read what they write and wonder if they somehow made their way into your own mind because it sounds authentically like YOU.

Copywriters are worth their weight in gold, and we can’t encourage you enough to consider using one as you makeover your website.

A little secret? We always frame our websites based on the copy provided. Websites are best when they are built around the copy, NOT around the design. This is why we ask for all copy before we even think about designing the website. That’s how important this is.

The other thing that’s going to take your website to the next level?


Yes, your photography. Have you ever landed on a website that was beautifully designed, but then you head to the About page and the owner of the company is shown in a poorly lit iPhone photo? Not only that but it’s clearly a selfie. (Yes, sorry to be the one to break it to you friend, but we can all still tell even when your arm is stretched out as far as it can go.) How much do you want – but wait, let’s take it a bit further: how much do you TRUST to buy something from them now?

People can tell when your photos on your site are not professional, and they will think accordingly about you and your services. Think about the businesses you admire and look up to? Do you think you would find photos on their website that are sub-par? Likely not.

Their websites are full of polished, professional, and well-lit photos. And you’re drawn to them because you feel like they’re worthy of your trust.

All in all, we truly believe that polished web design + conversion copy + professional photos are truly the recipe for a top-notch website.

So back to copywriters for a moment, because I know I used to wonder.. how does copywriting ACTUALLY work? I mean, how does the copywriter write the content without me writing it first?

Well, like anything, the process varies for all writers, but ultimately it comes down to:

  1. Meet one-on-one with the copywriter, face to face. They will take notes and sometimes even record the conversation to pick up on the phrases you say often, the way you talk, your tone of voice, etc.
  2. You fill out a comprehensive questionnaire. This will ask you questions about who you are, why you started your business and what you do. It will also prompt you to share your packages, process, and the more technical stuff.
  3. They will get to work writing the copy page by page and send to you for edits. You’ll have a chance to review and revise, before finalizing your copy for the website.

So are you ready to hire a copywriter? Are you not sure who to choose to write your website’s copy? We have a few friends who we’d love to recommend to you! If you’re not sure where to start, shoot us an email and we’d love to point you in the right direction.


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