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Six Quick & Easy Ways to Polish Your Website

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Here are six quick and easy ways to polish your website and feel confident as heck sending your potential clients to your website!

1. Portfolio Updates

Add or update your recent work that aligns with the kind of work and clientele you’re trying to attract. Each new finished project or client is a new opportunity to attract those dreamy clients you love working with.

2. Swap out Photos

Have some beautiful new headshots just sitting in a file on your computer? Get those on your website! Not only will updated brand photos better showcase you, but it will keep your website looking fresh.

3. Add Testimonials

Chances are you have an amazing testimonial or two from past clients, but haven’t gotten them on your website. In today’s world, reviews are essential to our purchasing decisions and buying process, so time to get those slivers of gold added to your website.

4. Double Check Links

When was the last time you went through your website and checked that everything was working as it should? Go do a quick link check and test your contact form to ensure your visitor’s experience is free of hiccups!

5. Make it Legal

Make sure to protect yourself by having both a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use page on your website (and a cookies notice too!). It is inexpensive, quick and easy-to do, AND could save your booty (and lots of money) down the road!

6. Give it a Quick Polish

Sometimes your website just needs a second set of eyes or a little facelift. Some common things to look out for:

  • Ensure there’s no extra spacing between letters in script fonts
  • Give your content some air: extend your canvases a bit to add white space and ‘breathing room’ to each page
  • Make important text pop by putting headlines in a font and sizing that stands out

These six tips will help you polish your website in a way that you will be feeling more confident and ready to send your site to potential clients! If you would like a professional’s eyes on your website to give you more personalized suggestions on how to make your website more impactful and higher converting, you may benefit from signing up for a Website Design Audit.


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