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Inside Look at our Website in a Day Experience

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Our website in a day (“Design Day”) experience is a cost-effective “express pass” to a website that gets you noticed sooner. Just let us know what matters most to you; we can plan, design and launch your website within a week’s time. Consider this your ‘express pass’ to a one-of-a-kind, functional website. One that will skyrocket the perceived value of your luxury services. Here is an inside look into what our Website in a Day Experience looks like, step-by-step.

  1. Schedule an inquiry call
  2. Contract & Deposit locks in your day
  3. Prep Work
  4. Kick off call
  5. Design Day
  6. Submit Edit Requests
  7. Final edits completed

1. Schedule an Inquiry Call

Un-complicate the thoughts swarming your head about what it’s like to work with a designer. Should you even hire a designer at all? Is a Design Day is the best route for what you’re needing? In our casual 30 minute Zoom chat, I’ll let you unload. Tell me about your business, goals and vision for your website so I can guide you toward the best solution for you, even if that means not working together.

2. Contract & Deposit Locks in Your Website in a Day

If you decide to move forward with a Design Day for your business, your contract & deposit will lock in your day! And you might decide it’s not the right fit, time, or investment for your business right now. That is totally fine too! Just let me know. 😉

3. Prep Work

Our structured and easy-to-follow prep work stage sets us up for success. When your Design Day comes around, we will hit the ground running. I’ll send you a few questionnaires that help me better understand your business and the vision you have for your website. I’ll also share with you a Google Drive folder. That way you can easily upload all of your website photos and fill out the copy (words) for each page of your website.

4. Kick Off Call

A few days before your scheduled Design Day, we will have a 60-90 minute Zoom call to chat about everything you sent me in the prep work stage. We’ll discuss your website content, site plan, inspiration, color palette, font suite, and your ordered priority list for the Design Day. The main goal of this meeting is to align our vision and get on the same page so you feel confident that we will execute on your vision beautifully during your Design Day.

5. Website Design Day!

I will begin designing your website at 8am CST and work my booty off quickly and effectively until 4pm CST. You can expect 4-5 email check-ins throughout the day. Those check-ins will allow you to give minor feedback and answer any questions as needed. While we will not meet over Zoom and you won’t need to clear your whole schedule, I do ask that you are able to remain near your computer or emails to give speedy responses to keep the day moving along.

6. Submit Edit Requests

Once your day has wrapped up, I will send you a form to fill out with any additional to-do’s you’d like me to tackle before our time together ends. Here are some ways past Design Day clients have used their final round of edits:

  • to support you through the technical steps of launching your website,
  • apply some SEO (search engine optimization) best practices to your website’s backend,
  • maybe there’s something we didn’t have time for during your Design Day that you’d like to finish up while you have a designer still at your fingertips

Whatever it is, add it to the form. I will spend one more hour applying as many of those final requests as I can.

7. Final Edits Completed

Within a week of your Design Day, I will email you to let you know I’ve applied your final hour’s worth of edits to your website. At that time, I will hand the reigns off to you to polish anything up. Then you can go live with your new, expert-designed, custom website!

To learn more about our Website in a Day experience and chat about whether it’s the best fit for you, let’s hop on a super casual and no-pressure-ever Zoom call! (Schedule here!) I’ll help you determine the best route for your one-of-a-kind needs.

Here are some websites we’ve designed in a day.

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