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How to make your salon’s branding look perfect on your website

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Here are our best pro tips of how to make your salon’s branding look perfect on your website. You put so much energy into perfecting your logo, color palette and fonts so that it felt authentic to you. Don’t let all of that hard work go to bust on your website! There are a few simple things that you can keep in mind while making it that will ensure your salon’s branding stays looking perfect on your website.

1. Use an .svg file of your logo to make sure it always looks crisp online (never blurry!)

If your logo was designed in Canva, you can download it as an .svg file (as long as you have the pro version). If you had a designer make your logo, just kindly request the .svg version and they should be able to provide it. A .png file works too, but it will be more likely to look blurry if made bigger. The important thing regardless of filetype is that your logo has a transparent background.

2. Don’t use more than 3-4 fonts in total in your salon’s branding

When you use more than 3-4 fonts in your branding, you start to dilute the identity and recognition-factor of your brand. Stick to no more than 3 (4 only if absolutely necessary) fonts to make your salon’s branding look amazing on your website.

3. Strategically use a color palette that is mostly neutral with 2-3 pop colors to give a splash

Using too much of your key brand colors can also dilute the integrity of your salon’s branding on your website. I stick to a rule of thumb of keeping websites mostly neutral colors and only using brand pop colors for buttons and to really make something stand out.

4. Intentionally plan your brand photoshoot to keep EVERYTHING looking beautifully on brand

Your brand photos play a HUGE role in making your salon’s branding look perfect on your website. We love helping our clients plan their brand photoshoot to keep the visuals all looking cohesive. Our favorite place to start is to create a Pinterest board with photoshoot inspiration, then categorize the inspo by things like poses, outfits, props, detail shots, behind the scenes, etc.

For a more comprehensive breakdown of how to put all of these things into practice in your own business, grab the Pre-Website Homework Checklist. This guide is intended to help you make sure your salon’s branding looks perfect on your website. So I explain how to do just that, including steps to execute them, my favorite resources to help, and an invitation to our pre-made Pinterest photoshoot inspiration board that you can use to start from in planning out your brand photoshoot. All of this is free when you download the Pre-Website Homework Checklist. 🖤

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Pre-Website Homework Checklist for the Beauty Industry

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