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Sarah Jupin website for her IBE® certified stylist business

How a website will grow your business as a certified IBE® Stylist

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Let’s talk about how a website will grow your business as a certified IBE® stylist. So you just got your IBE® extensions certification and now you’re ready and excited to really build your brand. A website that is polished and tailored to you can and should be an essential piece of your checklist as you grow your hair business.

It’s actually really normal to be booked out behind the chair, thriving in your expertise AND still want to have a polished, impressive website and brand experience.

Here’s why:

  • It’s the ticket to really building a lasting brand as an IBE® stylist that will peek the interest of YOUR kinda people who will become invested in what you’re putting out there long term. Current guests, future guests, aspiring stylists, and industry leaders will become sucked into everything you have to share. This attraction is breeding ground for bigger opportunities & larger revenue streams down the road.
  • An established brand and website will help you establish trust and credibility in your hair extension services, and set you apart as an industry leader.
  • When done right, your website as a certified IBE® stylist will open the door to attract more and more actual ideal guests, allowing you to gradually build a client base that is 100% dream guests (while comfortably letting go of the ones who aren’t quite the right match). We are always finessing our craft, getting better, and improving our day-to-day life to make it everything we’ve always dreamed of. As you niche down into the IBE® family, it’s the perfect time to refine who you serve so that you can enjoy your job day-in and day-out that much more.
  • The more credibility and demand you have as a stylist in this niched extensions industry, the higher of rates you can charge for your services. (Cha ching!)
Sarah Jupin's custom website as a certified IBE® stylist.

It’s a myth that you shouldn’t want a website upgrade if you are already getting clients and making money. Your online presence is YOUR very own place to show your personality, strut your stuff and build your IBE® brand. A website will grow your business as a certified IBE® Stylist when done right. If a website up-level is in the cards for you this year, let’s start the conversation.


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