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8 Ways Dubsado will Transform your Client Experience

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As you may know, Dubsado is one of my favorite tools I use DAILY for managing my business, and over the years it has truly transformed my client experience in many ways.

A few years back, I was allll over the place. I was using approximately 1 million different systems to run my business:

  • Systems for managing contracts (HelloSign)
  • Client Invoicing (Paypal)
  • Questionnaires to collect client info (Google Forms)
  • Task lists to keep projects on track (Asana)
  • Project timers (my phone’s clock app…)
  • Appointment schedulers (back and forth via email)
  • Basic contact forms (Showit)

At times (let’s be honest, all the time) I felt a bit like a chicken with my head cut off trying to manage all those different programs, AND run a seamless, not to mention organized, client experience.

I was hesitant for the longest time to start using an all-in-one client relationship management (CRM) tool. Mostly because of the investment, but also just because I felt like I could get by just fine by using the free tools out there. But one day I took the leap to try out Dubsado, and y’all. I’ve never looked back. What got me to check Dubsado out over other platforms was due to the opportunity to try it without a credit card required. There was basically no risk so I went ahead and jumped in head first. It didn’t take long until I realized that using Dubsado would be the difference between running an amateur business and a professional one.

Here are the top 8 ways Dubsado will transform your client experience.

1. Everything looks Polished & On Brand

You know I’m all about looking polished in every facet of your brand. Dubsado allows you to brand everything from your email signature, to your forms, client portals, schedulers and so much more. They don’t smack their own logo onto things, so nothing seems scammy, and it keeps the focus on YOU and YOUR BRAND.

2. Automations are Everything

With Dubsado, you can save yourself time and keep the process moving right along by using automated workflows. Want to stand out from your competitors by sending them an email response IMMEDIATELY once they inquire via your website’s contact page? Boom! Dubsado let’s you do that. Want to follow up with a “Thank You & Next Steps” email once they sign the contract and pay their deposit? Hot diggity! You can do that too. Automations or “Workflows” as Dubsado calls them can be a huge time savor, allowing you to get back to what needs to be done in your business.

3. Flexibility with Forms

Forms play a HUGE role in the reason I love Dubsado so much. Not only can you make separate types of intake forms in the categories of Contracts, Sub-contracts, Proposals, Questionnaires, and Lead Capture forms, but Dubsado makes it so easy to get started with different starter forms. That way you’re never really starting from scratch. I have form templates for my comprehensive questionnaires I send clients, for collecting website copy, for accepting feedback on design revisions, accepting testimonials and client feedback, and so much more. When I need to send someone a form, I just add it to my client’s project and customize it as needed. And the best part is that there’s no learning curve for the client. I send it as a link via email, then when they need to fill it out they just click the link and they can fill it out right from their browser! Easy peasy! I LOVE the flexibility of Dubsado’s forms and how they really can elevate my client experience.

4. Time Tracking and Invoicing

I can’t tell you how much more professional I feel when sending an invoice via Dubsado. Dubsado’s invoices look polished and branded, and they make it so easy for a client to pay online. You can connect it with your Paypal or Stripe account to safely collect payments (and accept gratuity if you want!). I recently started using Dubsado’s time tracker, and I absolutely love its functionality for keeping a better handle on how long projects take. And for hourly services, I can just apply the time spent right to the invoice when I’m ready! Talk about simplicity!

5. Canned Emails (nuff said)

If you don’t know what canned emails mean, lemme break it down for you real quick: time. saver. But really, canned emails are basically templates for any email you send frequently in your business. There’s NO need to re-write the same email over and over again. Instead, find the version of the email that was the very best, then save it as a canned email in Dubsado. Then anytime you need to send it, it’s right there…just click on it and hit send! This might be the biggest time savor while ensuring a killer client experience every single time.

6. Client Portals keep Projects Running Smoothly

All of my clients who hire me for a custom project get access to their own client portal. Inside of the (beautifully branded) portal, the client has access to all email communication, contracts, all of the forms they need to fill out, invoices, and a task list – all in one place. It’s easy to use and makes project management a breeze, as it allows you to have a private, easy to use, and beautifully branded “home” for your client to manage the project. Dubsado’s client portals take your client experience to the next level.

7. No more back and forth scheduling.

Scheduling appointments via email can be a serious buzz kill. Not to mention if you and your client are in different time zones and fail to communicate that (…been there, done that). Dubsado has a scheduling feature that makes scheduling appointments a breeze. Just input the times you’re available for booking, then shoot it right off to your client! Then you can set it to automatically send a confirmation email, and reminder emails. Talk about smooth sailing!

8. Save your own sanity

It can be a headache to manage multiple systems JUST to onboard a client, then to not feel confident throughout the project itself, feeling like you’re constantly flinging your client from one place to the next. From the very first inquiry, your potential client automatically falls into place inside of the program. From there your options are endless, but best of all? Everything is organized in one place.

Switching to Dubsado in 2019 was the very best decision I could have made to take my professionalism to the next level, save TONS of time, and improve my overall client experience. If you work with a client, chances are Dubsado could be just the answer you’re looking for.

*Just so you know, this post includes affiliate links, but please know I only promote items I TRULY find value in and absolutely love myself! Also, you can get a deal if you use these links – win-win!


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