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Don't allow the intimidation of making a website stop you from magnifying your success. Let's get you a functional, user-friendly & professional website.


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The cost-effective "express pass" to a website that gets you noticed sooner.

Our structured Website Design Day process will get eyes on your business sooner with a expedited timeline and lower investment. Just let us know what matters most to you and we will plan, design and launch your website within a week's time. Consider this your 'express pass' to a one-of-a-kind, functional website that increases the perceived value of your luxury services.

  1. Schedule a casual, no-pressure-ever call.
  2. Reserve your accelerated design experience in our calendar.
  3. Allow us to do the heavy lifting to help you launch your website in a week's time so you can start impressing & converting dream clients right away.


We book only 1 accelerated project per month so we can focus our full attention on you.

Accelerated website experience

As a trusted Showit Design Partner, we assure our clients' custom websites are expertly-designed and built to grow.

  • Visual Brand Identity Design (logos, colors, fonts, brand execution guide)
  • Photoshoot Direction (detailed Pinterest-based direction)
  • Website Design (full custom design & tech setup of your Showit website)

  1. Schedule a casual & no-pressure-ever call.
  2. Allow us to make you a customized timeline, budget & plan.
  3. Let's effortlessly execute that plan together to get you a professional and sleek website.

We take on no more than 10 custom web designs for hair salons annually.

+ How much will it cost?

Signature Design Experience


Together we will design a package that 1. Meets your specific needs & goals, and 2. Feels comfortable budget-wise. Most Franklin & Willow clients reserve a design investment budget in the range of 4,000-14,000+ and see an immediate return. The first step is jumping on a super casual, no obligation call so we can get to know each other and chat about what a project together might look like.

We don't believe it's possible to build a unique and incomparable brand through a one-size-fits-all package. 

How much will it cost?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with Franklin & Willow?

You may not have a background in design education, understanding of website tech, knowledge of design principles, or even the time to put toward having a bomb website. But you DO know your business inside and out, better than anyone else can or will ever understand. We make it our mission to get to know you and your business on a deep level, so we can step into your shoes, take the amazing business you’ve built and use our background, experience and expertise to bring it to life through design. We will make sure you feel taken care of the whole process, knowing you have an expert alongside you leading the way.

Do I need to have anything done before booking?

To ensure an efficient and smooth website-building experience, we encourage you to have the following done prior to booking:

  1. Have an updated gallery of professional and on-brand photos, headshots, and behind the scenes images optimized and ready to upload into our shared Google Drive. Alternatively, book a brand photography session and trust our team lead the direction of your photoshoot to maximize the impact of your new website.
  2. A list of your services, understanding of your ideal client and head start on your website copywriting.

To get an inside peek at what our website preparation process looks like and how you can get a jump start, download our Pre-Website Homework Checklist.

How will my website look on my phone?

Most of your guests will be coming to your website from Instagram or after Googling on their phone. We know how important it is to give your guests an amazing mobile experience, which is why we put so much focus into designing a mobile website that is just as wow-worthy (or better) on your phone as it is on the computer version. Many website-building programs out there make it challenging to make your website look the way you want it on your phone. And that’s why we LOVE designing exclusively on the Showit builder, where we have 100% control over what your website looks like on mobile!

Do you make websites on Squarespace, Wordpress or Wix?

No. And truthfully, you probably wouldn’t want us designing your website on those platforms – they’re just not in our wheelhouse! Showit is our bread and butter. In fact, I have been designing websites on Showit since 2017 and have been certified by them as a Showit Design Partner since 2020. All of the websites you’ve seen done by our team were done on Showit. That said, we totally get that it might not be the best fit for everyone. Here are some helpful articles to guide you through which might be the best builder for you: Showit vs. Squarespace; Showit vs. Wix

What is Showit?

Showit is a website builder, similar to Wix, Squarespace or Wordpress, but better. 🙃 We believe in the capabilities Showit offers for reasons the other builders just can’t beat, especially for your unique needs as a stylist. Showit’s drag & drop framework allows you to make frequent updates to your site. It holds a lot of power in that it allows for endless integrations, making your booking system work effortlessly on your website. Having designed with Showit since 2017 and as a certified Showit Design Partner, I have personally met Showit’s staff, could design in my sleep, and am confident in delivering the most premium designs possible on the platform.

Can you design my logo too?

You bet! We love starting from ground zero to develop a fully immersive brand experience that will feel cohesive across the board, wowing your guests at the highest level. While we don’t offer brand design on its own, we’ll happily include it in your design package. That way we can kick off your project with a strong foundation, all leading to an exceptional and well-rounded website and brand experience.

How long will the process take?

I know, you needed your website done yesterday (I get it!). Short answer is that it will take the least amount of time possible to get it done the right way. But the “right way” looks different for everyone! Sometimes a one-day or one-week process is exactly what you need. For others, a more in-depth, robust, multi-month process is necessary for their business’ complexity, needs and goals. During our initial call, we will talk through the best route for YOUR brand and what type of project timeline you can expect.

How much will it cost?

Past clients have set aside $3,000-15,000 to invest in their website. Our top priority is helping you move the needle forward in your business – however that looks for you. During our initial call, we will talk openly about your goals and budget, making sure that we create a custom proposal with packages that will actually work for you AND make serious waves in the growth of your business.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely. The scope and timeline of your project factors into how your payment plan is split, but many of our projects are split into three equal installments. We are always happy to discuss other options as needed.

What if I need help after our time together has finished?

Our goal is to equip you with the tools you need to feel confident in maintaining your website as time goes on. After all, your website is a moving, breathing piece of your business which you should be able to update on your own! But we do realize there are occasionally larger pivots you make or more advanced updates you need done on your website. Our clients can tend to feel uneasy making these kinds of edits on their own, as they strive to maintain a precisely polished website. If this sounds like you, you are welcome to reserve a half- or full- VIP Day with our team to knock out your list of updates or to give a quarterly or yearly refresh. Franklin & Willow clients also have access to submit a support ticket for questions not already found in our support center.

How soon can we get started?

Let’s hop on a call and we can get you an estimated timeline for your project! Most projects start approximately 3-6 weeks after the contract is signed, but it can vary greatly depending on our availability. It’s important to us that we take on no more than two projects at a time so we can give our full attention to your project.


"Not only did she keep me on task by providing deadlines to make this happen, but she executed so many details that I would have overlooked."

Lauren Larson, Past Client

"You are not only an insanely talented designer, but a kind and genuine human with whom we loved working with!”

Holly Bontrager, Past Client

“It can be a bit nerve wracking trusting another person to take something that is in your head and bring it to life but my expectations were beyond met.”

Hannah Vander Veer, Past Client

“I felt like you and I already knew each other...it was easy and effortless. I felt completely held and guided through the whole experience.”

Jessica Snow, Past Client

“I felt 100% comfortable handing over the reins for my site (and I'm a solopreneur with a high bar!).”

Nicole Bensen, Past Client

“She made the process easy to understand, stuck to the timeline, and provided helpful resources along the way.”

Julie Riley, Past Client

“Since the update, I've been able to raise my prices and begin to attract higher end clients.”

Bethie Grondin, Past Client

“Having YOU take the reins and do the tech work kept me from having many frustrating days trying to figure stuff out.”

Ivy Towler, Past Client

"Now I have the most beautiful website, that not only simplifies and streamlines my business, but also streamlined the process for my clients."

Sigrid Dabelstein, Past Client

“Can I just say how much I LOVE my new website! I can't believe you read my mind!”

Danielle Evans, Past Client

“Your knowledge of how to set things up and make it flow blew me away. It’s better than anything I could have dreamt up.”

Erin Moore, Past Client

“I am just BLOWN away. You have been SO easy to work with and you went above and beyond our expectations for this.”

Montana Burkett, Past Client

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