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“I don’t need a website because…” Debunking Common Website Objections

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As time goes on, the need for a solid online presence grows increasingly more important. But yet, you’re still sitting on a mediocre or non-existent website. Why has a website not been a priority for you yet? In this post, let’s break down some of the most common website objections to building a professional website for your brand.

“It won’t provide enough return on investment”

If your dream client does a quick Google search for stylists in your area and doesn’t see a website for you, but another stylist’s website shows up and takes their breath away, who do you think they will end up reaching out to?

One of the most common website objections stylists and salon owners have is the fear of investing in a website and not seeing a substantial return on investment. It’s important to understand that a well-designed and optimized website can be a powerful marketing tool that pays off in the long run. By showcasing your services, sharing testimonials, and providing contact information, a website can help potential clients make informed decisions and choose your salon over competitors.

“I’m not tech savvy”

Building and managing a website may seem daunting, especially for those who lack technical skills. However, there are user-friendly website builders out there that require little to no coding knowledge, such as Showit. These platforms offer pre-designed templates and user-friendly builders, allowing stylists and salon owners to more easily create a professional-looking website. Additionally, you know I’m always in your corner to help you set up and maintain your website. 🖤

“Instagram is doing the job”

While Instagram can be valuable for promoting your salon and engaging with clients, they have limitations that just can’t beat a website. Unlike social media, a website offers complete control over your brand’s presentation and allows you to customize the online guest experience. Additionally, a website serves as a centralized hub where potential clients can find comprehensive information about your services, pricing, and contact details without the distractions and limitations of social media platforms.

“I’m booked out as it is”

Some stylists and salon owners may argue that they are not actively seeking new clients, making a website unnecessary. However, even if you are content with your current client base, a website can still benefit your business. It provides a platform to showcase your portfolio, share updates and industry insights, and demonstrate your expertise. This can help retain existing clients, build loyalty, and position you as an authority in your field. This can open the door to endless opportunities for growth potential in other areas.

“I don’t have any time to make a website”

Time constraints are a valid concern for busy stylists and salon owners. Truly, I get it. However, dedicating time to develop a website can yield long-term benefits and save time in the future. Once set up, a website acts as a 24/7 customer service center for your salon, providing information and attracting potential clients even when you’re not actively marketing. Win-win, right?!

But also remember that doing it yourself isn’t the only option. Consider sticking to what YOU do well and outsourcing your website to an expert who can take the time burden off of your plate and do it all for you, at a level you simply wouldn’t be able to achieve on your own.

“I don’t actually need a website”

Some artists in the beauty industry may mistakenly believe that their services are too small or specialized to justify a website. However, having a website can elevate your professionalism and credibility. It allows you to highlight your unique offerings, display before-and-after photos, and share client testimonials, helping you stand out from competitors. Additionally, as more people turn to Google searches to find local services, a website ensures that you are discoverable, allowing you to tap into a broader market and attract true dream clients.


Sure I’ve addressed these common website objections because I’m passionate about the power of a website. Of course I am – I’m a web designer afterall.

But to tell it to you straight, if you want to thrive in this digital era, a professional, quality website is the winning ticket to get you there. By overcoming fears of low return on investment, lack of technical skills, and perceived irrelevance, professionals in this industry can unlock the advantages a website provides. From attracting new clients and enhancing brand credibility to saving time and offering a tailored user experience, a well-designed website becomes an invaluable tool for stylists and salon owners. Embrace the power of the web and watch your brand flourish in the online space.

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