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How to choose fonts for your salon brand

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As a salon owner or stylist, you know how important it is to have a distinctive look and feel to your brand. You want customers to recognize your brand no matter where they see it – whether that’s on your website, in your shop window, or on social media. But how do you make sure they recognize it? Read this article to find out how to choose the right fonts for your salon brand and create an eye-catching visual identity!

Why your font choices matter

The fonts you choose for your salon brand matters because they can affect how your brand is perceived by ideal guests. If you choose a font that is too small, difficult to read, or that doesn’t match your overall vibe, potential clients may not take your brand seriously. On the other hand, if you choose a font that is too large, flashy or immature, potential customers may think your salon brand is unprofessional. The right fonts can make all the difference in how your stylist or salon brand is perceived, so it’s important to choose carefully!

Understand the different types of fonts

There are four main types of fonts: serif, sans-serif, script, and display/decorative.

Serif Fonts:

Serif fonts are the most traditional and have small lines or embellishments at the end of each letter. Times New Roman is a common example of a serif font.

Sans-Serif Fonts:

Sans-serif fonts are more modern and don’t have the small lines at the end of each letter. Arial is an example of a sans-serif font.

Script Fonts

Script fonts look like they were written by hand and are often used for formal occasions. Autography is an example of a script font.

Display/Decorative Fonts

Decorative fonts are just that – decorative! They are often used for headlines or other attention-grabbing elements. Steelworks Vintage is an example of a display font.

Choosing fonts based on your salon brand’s vibe & aesthetic

When you choose fonts for your salon brand, the most important thing to consider is the overall vibe and aesthetic of your salon. What does your ideal audience have to say about your brand? Are you going for a modern and sleek look? Or are you going for something more rustic and home-y? Once you’ve decided on the overall feel of your salon, picking fonts will be a breeze!

Use this cheat sheet to determine the types of fonts you should be looking for, based on how you wish your brand to be portrayed:

AbundantOutside the box
Less Distinguishable
PrecisionBreathing Room
EconomicalLess Distinguishable

No matter what kind of fonts you choose, make sure they reflect the overall vibe of your salon brand. After all, your font choices should support and reinforce the image you’re trying to create for your business!

Where to find free and premium fonts

There are a few great places to find premium fonts for your salon brand:

What license do I need?

When you’re ready to purchase a font for your salon brand, you might be wondering which license you need to buy. You’ll need to buy BOTH the desktop license AND the web license.

  • Desktop: to download and use on your computer in word documents, or to upload to Canva
  • Web: to use the font on your website

While it may feel ‘extra’ to buy two separate licenses, that is what is necessary to ensure you are complying with the rules of the font license.

Creating your font suite & establishing type hierarchy to establish consistency

I always recommend establishing a type hierarchy for your brand that you can use consistently whether it’s on your website, social media graphics, in-salon flyers, or anywhere else you’re designing visuals. What is a type hierarchy? It is your go-to font settings or “looks” for the different headings used in any brand-related design you create.

I encourage you to establish a type hierarchy that includes the following:





When it comes to creating your website, you will need to apply these styles in your website design settings, so it’s important you build your type system now. Then use the hierarchy as a guide when creating any graphics for your business in Canva. This will ensure your brand remains looking consistent and leaves you no guesswork!

Expert-curated font inspiration you can steal and use in your salon’s branding

Don’t have time to do all the research and font shopping for yourself? I gotchu! I’ve curated some font inspiration for you using a few different vibes. Feel free to use these as font inspiration, or actually swipe them to use in your own branding!

1. Soft, relatable, simple font inspiration

TitleRozha One RegularfreeDownload here
HeadingInter LightfreeDownload here
SubheadingInter SemiboldfreeDownload here
ParagraphInter LightfreeDownload here
SpecialtyAutographypremiumPurchase here

2. Luxurious, strong, precise, established font inspiration

TitleCliopremiumPurchase Here
HeadingMontserrat LightfreeDownload here
SubheadingSpinnakerfreeDownload here
ParagraphMontserrat RegularfreeDownload here
SpecialtyHaute CouturepremiumPurchase here

3. Feminine, soft, relaxing font inspiration

TitleIbarra Real Nova RegularfreeDownload here
HeadingIbarra Real Nova RegularfreeDownload here
SubheadingSpinnakerfreeDownload here
ParagraphIbarra Real Nova MediumfreeDownload here
SpecialtyAdobe Handwriting Erniefree for Adobe subscribersDownload here

4. Minimal, expected, familiar, modern font inspiration

TitleInter BoldfreeDownload here
HeadingInter LightfreeDownload here
SubheadingInter RegularfreeDownload here
ParagraphInter LightfreeDownload here


Choosing the right fonts for your salon brand is an important part of creating a cohesive and professional look. It’s important to take the time to research different font types and find one that best fits your brand identity, as well as consider how it will look in various formats. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create a unique yet professional branding style for your stylist or salon brand that attracts the right guests!

Font selection is the third step in your checklist for what to do before you make your website. For the full checklist, click here!

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