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Custom Brand & Website for Blend Salon

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We are excited to showcase the custom brand and website that we created for one of our favorite clients, Blend Salon. From color palettes to font choices, every detail was carefully crafted to reflect the salon’s unique personality and style. As you dive into this post, get ready to be inspired by how a customized brand and website can elevate your business in ways you never thought possible!

The Goals:

With a new storefront on the horizon, Ashley and Kelsey felt it was time to elevate their branding in a way that felt fresh, clean, modern & luxurious. Consequently, they needed an online presence where they could showcase their beautiful work. It was important that they give a clear understanding to future and current clientele of what they provide, and they knew a website was the ticket to make that happen.

The Logo:

Before working together, the Blend Salon branding felt too young. They knew that to match the top-value service and experience they were giving their guests, their logo needed to feel more mature and elevated.

Therefore, we selected typography that established authority, reflected their professionalism, and felt expensive and high-end. The spaciousness of letter spacing gives it the perfect level of softness which reflects their personalities. We chose a cursive-style monogram look to soften the logo suite, rounding it out to beautifully match their salon vibe.

The colors were a mix of their current branding, elevated to contain more mature, richer tones. Considering the interior design and styling plans for their salon, we built a timeless color palette to match.

Blend Salon Logo – BEFORE
Blend Salon Logo – AFTER

The Website

The website is a perfect mix of polish & soft blended details. The clean details and layout gives a sense of professionalism and elevation. Additionally, the arched and layered photos along with the subtle gradients give a blended feel, softening up the site beautifully. Their luxurious handwritten font makes an appearance occasionally throughout the site, adding a splash when shown.

It was a dream building this custom brand and website for Blend Salon in Harford County, Maryland. I couldn’t be more honored to have worked with two such driven, hardworking & beautiful inside and out ladies. Please help me in celebrating them on their new brand and website!

To learn more about our custom brand and website design experiences, view our design services here.

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