Let's get your website done in a day.

VIP Design Days

Quick turnaround. Smaller investment. No back and forth for months. Expert custom design. Quick turnaround. Smaller investment. No back and forth for months. Expert custom design. 

Have a Launch-ready website within just a day's time

Have a custom, professional, impressive website you feel confident sending leads to

Finally check off that “launch website” task that’s been on your to-do list for months or years

Yes, it's totally possible for YOU to have...

A launch-Ready Website

100% Confidence

Expert Hands on your website

...within a matter of hours.

VIP Design Days

Introducing our signature & highly sought after

A VIP Design Day is an intensive-style approach to getting a large chunk of your custom website complete within an 8-hour period, all with the same quality, expertise and approach that comes with a traditional custom project.

A website VIP Design Day is perfect for you if...

You Are excited to let go of the reigns and put your full trust in an expert to get it done the right way

you Need a knockout website with a quick turnaround & are committed to sending your copy & photos asap

You've been stalking my IG feed or blog for a while and like my style of work

...you happily put your trust in expert hands

...you needed a website, like  yesterday

...you admire my recent work

You're not ready to invest in a large project, but still want your website custom designed by me

You Only need a simple website, a page or two designed, or a new custom addition like a sales page

you Have a wish list of things to fix or freshen up, but not finding the time to do it yourself

...you're not quite ready to invest in a full project

...you don't really need all of the bells & whistles

...you just need your current site brushed up

The one-day intensive was such a perfect way to elevate my online presence in a way that I'm now proud to show the world!

Val Duvick

val marlene creative

Quick turnaround (goodbye waitlist)

Smaller investment than traditional website project

Exhilarating going from start to nearly finished in one day

No back and forth for weeks or months

Get my hands on your site, without a 5-fig investment

Benefits of a VIP Design Day Experience

What's included in a VIP Design Day?

Pre-Design Day planning

Strategy call prior to your day to chat game plan

One 8-hour day dedicated toward your website

1 Hour's worth of edits applied a few days after

Personalized tutorial video covering how to maintain your website in the future

Investment: $2500

These Design Day emails from clients leave me happy dancing!

These Design Day emails from clients leave me happy dancing!

3-5 Page Simple Custom Showit Website

Long form Sales Page for your service, product or course

Semi-Custom Showit Website (template customization)

Website Polish, Updates & optimization

Custom Additions (like a pricing guide or podcast page)

Here are some ideas of projects that are possible to get done in a day.

Book your Design Day

Hit the button to book your website Design Day. We’ll send a contract to make it all official and lock in your day.

Work on & Gather Your Prep Work

In order for me to work my magic, there are a few things I’ll need from you first!! I’ll collect your photos, brand/logo assets, professional copywriting, login credentials, inspiration, details about your business, Design Day priorities, and anything else that is necessary for your project. You’ll submit this the week before your Design Day so I can look everything over.

We'll Jump on a Strategy Call

A few days before your website Design Day, we’ll hop on a call together to chat through everything you sent me and make sure we’re on the same page. We’ll discuss your priorities and chat game plan for your day. We will dot our i’s and cross our t’s to make sure that once your day arrives I can hit the ground running.

Design Day!

I’m all yours, friend! I’ll kick off the day at 8am CST and brew myself a cup of coffee to start the day off strong. I clear my schedule of everything else to ensure I can dedicate every minute of my day toward focused time designing your custom website. You’ll receive periodic updates from me throughout the day where you’ll be able to give your feedback visually using our easy-to-use system. Even though I’ll keep working while I wait for your comments, I ask that you respond within 30 minutes to make sure we’re moving in the right direction, so please try to stay near your emails during the day.

Final Round of Edits

4pm CST marks the end of your Design Day! At that time, I’ll send you a form where you can prioritize any final requests you’d like me to work on. Maybe you want me to implement some SEO, perhaps there’s something you were hoping to get to that we didn’t have time for, some like for me to get the domain setup and working properly, or maybe you’d like me to get your legal pages and cookies banner connected. Submit your requests the day after your Design Day, and I will apply one hour’s worth of edits on your site.

Wrapping It All Up & Launch

One week after your Design Day I will deliver your final round of edits and any outstanding materials to send you on your way! Say HELLO to your beautiful new website! (cha-ching!)

Working with Caryssa was such a breeze and I'm so glad that we chose to do the 1-day design. The prep work she did leading up to the design day was detailed and specific and it made me feel very confident that her time spent on design day was going to be extremely efficient. Her process was easy to follow and her communication was amazing. The best part about it was our website was essentially launch-ready at the end of the design day!

Alyssa & Katie

Sisters Marketing & Co.

Your one-day model is genius, and so much more efficient than the days/weeks/months of back-and-forth I've had in past design experiences. I felt 100% comfortable in handing over the reins for my site (and I'm a solopreneur with a high bar!). You are a creative, knowledgeable, utmost professional. You understood my brand (polished yet fun); you shared my eye for precision (everything was aligned, spaced, and cohesive) and kept it approachable. It was helpful you're skilled in integrations with Dubsado and Flodesk too. You were communicative, on time, and went above-and-beyond; I especially appreciated the videos explaining your live updates, and knowing I had one final round of tweaks after our day. I am thrilled to have found you and look forward to partnering again.

Nicole Bensen

Tentacles & Tea

Caryssa is amazing and her communication throughout the entire process makes everything so easy!! I did need a new website fairly quickly and this made it possible! It also helped that I was looking for something fairly simple but unique to my brand. I was blown away at what she was able to accomplish in one day. She outdid what I was looking for and exceeded my expectations. 

Lizzeth Mendoza

M Squared Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I buy a template to make the most of my Design Day?

Short answer: Sure, but not necessary! Long answer: I have done template customization Design Days in the past and they were successful, but to be honest, I prefer starting from scratch! Sure, a template allows us to start with a foundation you are drawn to, but chances are, we will still end up making so many changes to your template that we may as well have started with a blank slate. Chances are, we can achieve a result that is even more aligned with your vision by creating something completely custom from the ground up. And actually, you will probably be further ahead by NOT buying a template. In past Design Days, we’ve been able to build out 4+ page simple websites, so you might as well skip the price of a template and go all in on a design that is custom to you!

2. What will I need to do before my Design Day?

Here's a rundown of the things I usually need from you:
– Gather your usernames and passwords
– Complete our pre-Design Day questionnaire
– Make sure your lead forms, booking calendars, & email list workflows are all set up
– Export your logos and send your brand colors and fonts
– Hire a professional copywriter to write your website copy
– Book a brand photoshoot
– Organize your portfolio photos to be added to your website
– Rename your photos’ filenames for SEO

3. Will one day be enough for my needs?

Some projects are totally doable in one day. Others are better suited for two back-to-back Design Days or a day and a half. Or maybe a traditional custom website experience is a better fit for the size of your project and your vision. If you’re not sure and would like some help deciding what is the best route for your situation, let’s hop on a quick call to chat about it!

4. What if we don’t get to everything I want in the one day?

Prior to your Design Day, I will communicate with you realistically what I think we will be able to accomplish, and on the day of I will move as quickly as possible. Once the 8-hours wraps up, you can reassess and let me know any final requests you have and I will apply up to 1 hour of edits on your website. After that, if there are more things you’d like done on your site, you have the option of booking another day or half day.

5. What should I use my 1-hour of edits for?

Clients usually use this time to finish up pieces of their website they wished we could have gotten to during their day. Sometimes, it’s important to clients to have me tighten up their SEO or set up their Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and 404 pages. It truly is whatever you’d like to make of it!

6. Will I need to be available all day long?

No need to completely clear your schedule, but I do ask that you remain ‘virtually available’ throughout the day. Basically this means stay near your emails so you can send feedback to me within 30 minutes. This will help to make sure we’re moving in the right direction and continuing to move at an efficient pace.

7. What is the investment?

At this time, you can book a Design Day for $2500. Your 50% non-refundable deposit will lock in your date on my calendar, and the final 50% is due one week prior to your Design Day.

8. Can I book you for a day to design me a logo and branding suite?

At this time, I only book VIP Design Days for Showit website projects. I’ve found branding projects are better suited for a more traditional project timeline where we have more time allotted for research, strategy and intention. If you’d like to talk about a branding project, let’s chat more!

9. Do you do Design Days for e-commerce websites?

At this time, I only book VIP Design Days for service-based businesses, as I design exclusively in Showit on these days. If your project requires a smaller level of e-commerce to be built in, let’s chat more before scheduling your day!

10. So…when can we do this thing?!

Design Days are usually booked 4-6 weeks out. This tends to be the perfect amount of time to prep everything we need in order to make the most of our time together! You can check out the available dates here.

I’m dedicated to giving your website the edge that it needs to make you stand out online and feel confident as heck sending your website to leads. I’m also 100% committed to creating design work I am proud of and excited to share about, so your website will no-doubt hold up to the level of projects you’re already seeing in my portfolio! Having designed day in and out since 2017, I know Showit like the back of my hand (probably better honestly), so it is exhilarating for me to work my booty off on your day so that when 4pm comes around, we have as close to a finished product as possible!

Hey hey, I'm Caryssa!

When you mix a Showit Design Partner + distraction-free work time + 5 years of professional design experience + my personal strive for perfection, it really does feel like MAGIC happens on your day.

A client once called me a “fairy-godmother for creatives” which basically describes what happens on your Design Day.

I was also BLOWN away at how easy it was to collaborate throughout the day with her system for feedback. As a very visual person, that system made all the difference for me by allowing me to give feedback quickly and easily. I really thought I was giving a TALL order with the laundry list of changes I wanted to make, but somehow Caryssa did it all!

Val Duvick

val marlene creative