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The ONE thing that helped land my dream clients


Mar 15, 2019

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So an inquiry just found it’s way into your inbox. You’ve been dreaming of landing this exact type of client. You quickly turn right to your Word doc, Canva, or maybe even InDesign to throw together your PDF guide and send off to them. Then..crickets. Could it be that your PDF pricing proposal is actually hurting your ability to turn those inquiries into clients?



I’ve been there, done that. Often spending hours customizing our PDF guide just for that specific person before sending off to them. Not only was I wasting precious time opening our InDesign doc with each inquiry I received, customizing it, and attaching to the email, but often times the person inquiring likely didn’t even open it!

After multiple inquiries that fell silent, I knew something needed to change. Being that I’m a website designer, it seemed reasonable to have a simple webpage that would walk inquiring clients through my process, package details, and let them learn about me, simply from their web browser. Without even downloading a single attachment!

I went right to work. Knowing that people love website interaction, I wanted to make sure potential clients would have fun clicking through the guide. This would help build trust in their minds – just by seeing my pricing guide webpage they’d know that my services were on par with the top of the industry.

So I’ll break down what exactly is on my pricing guide:



The welcome page introduces them to our brand, and thanks them for considering Franklin & Willow as they take this next step in their business.



I knew from personal experience, that when I got a pricing guide, the first thing I wanted to know was just that – the dang price! Sometimes we can be so inundated with the “fluff” (and trust me, I LOVE fluff and rapport building), but sometimes it’s important to be transparent from the get go, and to me, this is one of those times. I lay out every single piece of the investment they’ll be making into their experience with me.



Then I move right on along to the process and what the experience will look like. I walk them through the different phases of the process, explaining how long they can expect each step to take and what their role will be throughout the experience.



Now is the time where I share more about the added value they get when working with me as their designer. In this section of the guide, I share things like the fact that I use a lot of emojis and exclamation points. If someone dislikes this type of communication, they can easily decide I’m not the right designer for them. I also share about all the extra goodies they’ll get as a result of this process, such as personalized video training guides and a new friend in this crazy entrepreneurial world.



In the final portion of the pricing guide, I give them a clear call to action. I share with them that the next steps would be to schedule a coffee date with me over Google Hangouts to meet me and walk through this guide together! That way, there’s no question of what they need to do next.


The beauty of this guide is that if anything changes at any time, I can just hop into my Showit builder, make the change, then hit publish. This keeps it all very dynamic and fluid, not to mention saving me TONS of time!

An online pricing guide has been an absolute game-changer for my business. If you’d like to get your hands on our Pricing Guide Showit add-on template called Hudson, you can check it out here! You can either add it to your existing Showit website, or use it as a stand-alone page to serve your business moving forward as you book those clients once and for all!


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