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My Morning Routine as a Creative Business Owner


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My Morning Routine as a Creative Business Owner

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I used to never be a morning person. Am I now? Honestly, not really – if I could, I’d stay up all night working away. But over the last year, I’ve made it a priority to wake up earlier and be intentional about my morning routine, and I still plan to keep working on starting the day even earlier. I’ve seen first hand how starting your day off on the right foot can impact my entire day, which is why I want to share with YOU how I spend each morning, day in and day out!



6:30am: WORKOUT

My morning always starts out with a workout of some kind, to the tune of my favorite podcast (I made a list of my daily podcast listening schedule here!). On nicer days, I’ll take a walk or jog around the trail near where we live. On yuckier days, usually the whole winter, I spend my mornings making use of our trusty staircase. These at home workouts are super quick, not too intense, but usually leave me in a little sweat! I don’t believe that a workout has to be intense in order for it to count. For me, knowing my workout is quick and manageable makes it easier to hop out of bed and actually get it done! Moving my body a bit to start my day not only wakes me up, but also helps to burn off a few of those calories I’ll start using up throughout the day!

During my workout I make a point to ALWAYS chug down my 24 oz Starbucks water bottle’s worth of water. That way, I’m already a quarter of the way through my daily water intake by the time 7 o’clock rolls around!

Want to get your hands on my mini-workout routine? Click this link to download it! If you’ve got a staircase and a set of dumbbells (or just a heavy object!), you can do it too!


7:00am: GET READY

Once I’ve moved my body a bit to start the day, and set out our dog’s food and water, hop in the shower (or spray some dry shampoo) and get myself looking good to feel good for the day. Usually I end up putting on a Nike sweatshirt and yogas, or a t-shirt and my favorite jeans, but having fresh locks and a clean face makes me feel my best as I start knocking down my day’s to-do list.



I take a bit of time after having gotten ready to map out my day and take care of any lose ends in my business and around the house. I map out my day into hour-chunks, setting myself up for success to have a productive day. Sometimes lose ends consist of a quick email, or slipping in a quick task I can get done in a matter of minutes. I feel and work my best when the kitchen is clean – anyone else? So I use this time to tidy up the counter or throw any lingering dishes into the dishwasher.



I can’t stand drinking my coffee piping hot, so I start the Keurig 15 minutes before I plan to drink it with my breakfast. Once my coffee is rolling, I start in on making whatever breakfast I’ll be eating that day. This usually rotates between a few different options: eggs over easy, avocado toast, or peanut butter mashed with a banana. I try to pack in as much protein as I can into my breakfast to feel fueled up for the whole day. Having 3 different options makes it so I never get sick of one particular thing, and so that I always have the ingredients on hand! (And, it’s made me a self-proclaimed pro at making eggs over easy – bonus!)



If you know me, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Rachel Hollis, which is where my motivation to create an intentional morning routine came from! She and her husband host a 30 minute livestream every morning at 8am CST on Facebook & Instagram, so I use that time to enjoy my breakfast and have a little me-time before diving into work. Once I’ve chowed down on my breakfast, I’ll use my Start Today journal to write down my goals for the next 10 years as if they’ve already happened, including the ONE thing I plan to make happen this quarter.


8:30am: GET TO WORK!

By the time 8:30am rolls around, I’ve:

+ Moved my body

+ Drank a quarter of my day’s water goal

+ I’m clean and dressed

+ Tidied up the house

+ Mapped out my day for success

+ Fueled up with protein-packed food

+ Had my cup of coffee

and I’m ready to dive in and have a successful day!


I’m always working at making the wake up time earlier & earlier, but this is what it looks like today! I’d love to hear what your morning routine looks like and maybe even steal some of your practices! Share in the comments!


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