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My Business’ Journey through Pregnancy and Becoming a Mom


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My Business’ Journey through Pregnancy and Becoming a Mom

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Late June of 2019, Blake and I returned home from a family vacation late at night. After a long busy week and a long road trip home, I was excited to see our sweet puppy Stella, and jump into bed.

Feeling discouraged that it would soon be that time of the month again and I hadn’t felt any of the TTC “2 week wait” symptoms, the idea of taking a pregnancy test was lost on me. But Blake insisted on just testing, as he had a dream the night before that I was pregnant.

I did my thing and finished putting some things away before heading to bed. I had totally forgotten I took the test and was about to go to sleep when Blake reminded me we need to check the results. As I flipped over that stick (that can inevitably be filled with so many emotions), I was speechless when I saw the second line crossing over the other. I checked the instructions for the millionth time, then again once more, before saying “Ummmm Babe?” Then like a zombie, I walked out to show Blake what I was seeing. We both were instantly filled with the most excitement we’ve maybe ever experienced.

Thoughts of “holy smokes what did we do?!” mixed with “is this for real?!” along with a bit of “we can’t freakin’ wait to be parents” filled our heads. We we could barely sleep that night as we dreamed of how our life would look a year from then.

The next day I was at an early morning meeting where we had to go around the room and introduce ourselves, and I was SO nervous that without control, the words “I’M PREGNANT!” would just blurt out of me. I still couldn’t believe the news.

We were excited to hold this huge secret to ourselves for a few short weeks before we told our family. We started to learn the in’s and out’s of ‘pretend drinking’ with friends (which we did pretty darn well I must admit, until it came to drinking games….out came the “I have a headache” excuse.) For the longest time, we nicknamed the baby “Chip” since my app said that was how big he was, a chocolate chip. Also, while we were both convinced we were growing a little girl, we still didn’t know what we were having.

But this special time also marked the timeframe I started to lose any motivation I had in the growth of my business. I emerged myself in the world of pregnancy and becoming a new mom, and kicked all momentum for Franklin & Willow to the curb.

Isn’t it funny how we go through seasons? Seasons of growth, and seasons of staleness. When I decided to quit my day ‘gig’ to take Franklin & Willow “full-time” (I quote full time, because I’m a stay at home mom as well, which is basically full time job too), I was nervous as heck.

Even though I knew full well I would soon be leaving that job and have no other income, instead of hustling to grow this thing to be sustainable, I was knee deep in a state of learning about what this new season of motherhood would look like, and dreaming of what these moments would be. I had no motivation in the world to work on my business, yet for some reason (looking back at the state of my business as it was, I have no idea why) Blake supported my decision to quit my job and see where this business could grow.

Fast forward 9 months later, as soon as Callen was born, I cranked full speed ahead. Now, I have no idea if it was the thought that I want to make sure I can contribute and provide for this baby we brought into the world or what, but I instantly CRAVED to do anything and everything to grow my business to the heights I always knew it could be. In the early weeks of Callen’s life, this meant listening to business podcasts as I fed him, and designing my new website in the tiny breaks when he wasn’t in my arms.

Then it meant scripting out and recording videos for my new Youtube videos during his *short* naps. And y’all let me just say, when you’re quarantined with a newborn baby without any help while trying to record Youtube videos…. it takes some serious patience and a LOT of grace!

I spent the days caring for this sweet baby, growing this business while he slept, then at night when I should have been sleeping, I was scurrying to jot down all of my racing thoughts into my notes app in my phone on how I can continue growing my business in the direction I always imagined.

I write this to emphasize that all seasons of life are beautiful. And while I was in that stale state of my business, it was hard to imagine feeling that drive again. But it’s okay to journey through these different seasons. Because they’re just that: Seasons. Eventually they come to an end, and a new beautiful one will begin.


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