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Must Have Programs I use Daily as a Designer


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Must Have Programs I use Daily as a Designer

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Between managing your website, social media, online shop, client management and so much more, it’s important to have solid programs in place to make sure everything is running smoothly. Over the last few years, I’ve done a lot of playing around with different programs and figuring out what works for me. Entrepreneurship can tough, and it’s always a challenge sifting through the many options that are out there to find the programs that compliment your business in the best way possible. As a designer, I wanted to glean some light on the programs that I’ve found work really well to develop a seamless client experience!


My very favorite website builder in the whole wide world is Showit – hands down. I have my nose in it daily and couldn’t imagine a better program to give my clients the very best result for their website. From their incredible customer service, to the creative freedom available in the design – Showit will always rank #1 in my heart!

Social Squares

You guys, I didn’t even realize stock photography existed until a few years ago, and it’s since changed my life. I not only find value from online websites like Unsplash and Pexels, but my ultimate FAVORITE place to find stock photography is Social Squares. Because the photos are styled with creative entrepreneurs in mind, I can always find photos to fit perfectly with my brand. I use them in my social media, website and more!


I use Planoly day in and day out as I plan out my Instagram posts. Because I am super intentional about the way my feed looks, it’s important that I plan the visual grid ahead of time and Planoly is perfect for that! Just upload your images and slide around however you see fit!


I integrated Dubsado into my workflow early 2019, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about the program. While I used to use Asana for all client projects and communication (and loved it), it was lacking the client management component that programs like Dubsado offer. I wanted a program that would handle the whole process – from scheduling consults to sending contracts, managing invoices AND project management – like Asana). By switching to Dubsado, I could make my whole system more efficient by cutting back from multiple client/project management programs (like HelloSign, Paypal, Asana) down to just one!


I use Shopify to manage my online shop. For years, when shopping online I would often come across a checkout system that was beautiful, not cluttered, and easy to use. Over time I realized they all had one thing in common: they were run by Shopify. So when I integrated my online shop into my site, I knew right away that Shopify would be the way to go. I have their lite plan and use checkout links, but there are many options you could go with, such as using buy buttons or exclusively using Shopify as your online storefront (instead of working through programs like Showit like I do).

Creative Cloud

Of course I couldn’t leave this one off. It may be obvious, but I’m in my Creative Cloud software nearly 24/7 (after Showit, of course). I use InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, but the program I’m in the majority of the time is Illustrator. I’m TOTALLY an Illustrator gal over InDesign. Of course they both have their strengths for certain things, but if I can get it done in Illustrator, I will any day.

What questions can I help answer for you to help you decide which programs are the best fit for you? I’ve tried many programs over the past few years, and would love to cast any insight I can as you choose the programs in your business! Tell me what programs you love using in your business!


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